Better power
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The Challenge

A smarter way

Tower cranes only draw power when they lift, yet on construction sites today large diesel generators often run non-stop beneath them - consuming fuel, and emitting noise and carbon. The alternative has been a costly and time-consuming connection to grid power.

There's a new approach.


The Solution

Plug and play

Cranepower offers a smarter way, an industrial UPS designed to power any sized tower crane. Simply plug them into any 16A to 32A input supply on your site.

A Cranepower UPS can save you up to $100,000 of fuel in one year, and reduce your carbon footprint by over 200 tonnes.


How it works

Under the hood

The Cranepower UPS is a simple yet powerful concept. An internal battery acts as a buffer, allowing the tower crane to draw full power on each lift. Then between lifts, the battery recharges itself.

Modern cranes with regenerative braking recharge the battery when lowering a load, making them even more efficient.

With no moving parts, very low power consumption, high-quality components and a 15-20 year lifespan, a Cranepower UPS will rapidly pay for itself, improving your emissions budget at the same time.

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