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Reducing noise and emissions by over 185 tonnes

Auckland CBD

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CBD, Auckland, New Zealand




Watts & Hughes Construction

Find out how Cranepower's UPS reduced noise and emissions on a construction site in Auckland's city centre

  • Cranepower UPS: 300kVA
  • Tower Crane: POTAIN MCR 295, 220kVA, luffing crane
  • Hoists: 1 x 40kVA personnel hoist
  • Input Feed: 16A 400V 3-phase
  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 185 tonnes
  • Project Start: 2021
  • Customer: Watts & Hughes Construction

Watts & Hughes Construction was constructing a building in the CBD and had been using two diesel generators to power their tower crane and personnel hoist for the past 2 years. The generators were causing constant problems with noise, diesel fumes and complaints from neighbours. The site had a 63A builders temporary supply which was used for general site power and site offices.

To address the noise and emissions problems caused by the generators, Watts & Hughes Construction installed a Cranepower 300kVA UPS in April 2023 to provide power to both the tower crane and the personnel hoist. The UPS is set to only draw 16A from the general site power and is plugged into one of the site power distribution boxes. The use of the Cranepower UPS system has had several positive results for Watts & Hughes Construction. First, it has helped them reduce noise and emissions on the construction site, which has improved relations with their neighbours. Second, the UPS system has provided reliable and efficient power to the tower crane and personnel hoist, which has improved productivity and reduced downtime. Third, the use of the UPS system has helped them reduce their operational costs by eliminating the need for two diesel generators. Finally, the use of the Cranepower UPS system has helped them reduce their carbon footprint by over 185 tonnes annually.

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