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Smiths Cranes

Find out how a company saved thousands by replacing two diesel generators with a single Cranepower unit

  • Cranepower UPS: 300kVA units
  • Tower Crane 1: COMANSA 21CM1100 – 144kVA
  • Tower Crane 1: TEREX CTT721 – 200kVA
  • Input Feed: 32A 400V 3-phase
  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 219 tonnes
  • Project Start: 2023
  • Customer: Smiths Cranes
  • Building: Six-story car park

Smiths Cranes was contracted to construct a six-story car park and factory, requiring the installation of two flat-top tower cranes: the COMANSA 21CM1100 – 144kVA and TEREX CTT721 – 200kVA. However, the site did not have power supply available from the mains. Smiths Cranes had planned to install two 300kVA diesel generators to power the cranes which have a peak power draw of 420A.

Upon learning about Cranepower's product, they opted to install a single 300kVA Cranepower UPS to power both cranes instead. The unit was connected to a 32A supply from general site power.

The use of a single Cranepower unit instead of two diesel generators, not only saved the company several hundreds of thousands of dollars, it also saved space on the construction site and reduced the project's carbon footprint by 219 tonnes annually, helping the company achieve its sustainability goals.

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