Reducing a site's carbon footprint 
by over 185 tonnes


Product Output



Ellerslie, New Zealand




Safari Group

Find out how the Cranepower UPS systems have helped our customers save money and reduce emissions, 
in real-world conditions

  • Cranepower UPS: 300kVA
  • Tower Crane: JASO J280PA, 200kVA
  • Personnel Hoists: 2 x 50kVA
  • Input Feed: 32A 
  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 186 tonnes
  • Project Start: 2021
  • Customer: Safari Group
  • Building: 11 story hotel

Construction & development company Safari Group installed a Cranepower 300kVA UPS system in 2021 to power a JASO J280 luffing crane and two 50kVA personnel hoists on a commercial construction site in Ellerslie, Auckland. The Cranepower UPS is fed by a single 32A feed.

The large, European made JASO crane has a peak load over 200kVA, and the hoists required a further 100kVA. This would have required a 500kVA diesel generator or 400A grid feed to be installed in the centre of the site. Both these options were impractical and expensive. Additionally, the site is set within an established business park and so noise and environmental impacts needed to be kept to a minimum.

By using a Cranepower UPS system Safari Group has been able to significantly reduce installation and operational costs while simultaneously maintaining low levels of noise and reducing the site carbon footprint by over 180 tonnes in the first year of operation.

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