Reducing noise and emissions by 135 tonnes


Product Output



Parnell, New Zealand




Safari Group

Find out how a company saved thousands by replacing a diesel generator with a Cranepower unit

  • Cranepower UPS: 300kVA unit
  • Tower Crane: JASO J265PA 180kVA
  • Input Feed: 16A 400V 3-phase
  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 135 tonnes
  • Project Start: 2022
  • Customer: Safari Group
  • Building: 11 story hotel

Safari Group was constructing an 11-story hotel on a small site surrounded by residential apartments. The customer valued noise reduction due to the proximity of neighboring buildings but the site has limited space and only a 16A 400V 3-phase input feed available. A JASO J265PA 180kVA crane was installed on the site, both powered by a single Cranepower 300kVA UPS.

Despite the challenging site conditions, the CP300 UPS is allowing the customer to benefit from reduced noise and increased working hours, ultimately saving on costs. More importantly, the UPS helped Safari Group reduce annual CO2 emissions by 135 tonnes, contributing to Safari Group's sustainability goals.

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