Decarbonise your project by replacing diesel generators with the zero-emission Cranepower UPS and begin saving immediately - the planet and your bottom line.



Massive CO2 reductions

Powered by pure, clean electricity, a Cranepower UPS will massively reduce your CO2 emissions - by up to 200 tonnes per year with a single unit.

0% direct pollution

No more diesel fumes, no more direct pollution - that’s the reality with a clean, quiet Cranepower UPS. Make your operation more sustainable, with the push of a button.

Super-long battery lifespan

Our batteries - and all of our components - are specially selected to deliver super-long lifetimes, reducing manufacturing emissions.

Lower transport emissions

One dropoff, one pickup. Reduce transport emissions - and thousands of dollars in transport costs.

100% recyclable

Peace of mind that once a Cranepower UPS unit has reached the end of its decades-long lifespan, it’s 100% recyclable.

Planet-friendly by design

Every part of the Cranepower UPS has been rigorously chosen to be kind to the planet and to save maximum carbon emissions.



Start saving today

A Cranepower UPS costs a few hundred dollars per month to run, compared to a diesel generator that can cost tens of thousands per month in fuel and maintenance alone.

Easy to transport

Save money on transport, because a Cranepower UPS is only a fraction of the size of a comparable diesel generator. Less hassle to move, and less space on site.

Very low maintenance

Apart from the occasional air filter change, there’s no maintenance required on a Cranepower UPS, they'll run and run, saving you money, labour and admin time.

Long life asset

With a design life of 20 years, you can amortise the cost of a Cranepower UPS over a longer period. Typically more than twice the life of a diesel generator.

Ultra-low power wastage

A Cranepower UPS is ultra-efficient, with very low power wastage. This leaves more power available for lifting and hoisting, and less energy going up as heat and smoke.

Eliminate carbon offsetting

Offsetting your site's carbon emissions can add up to huge sums, using Cranepower UPS to power your cranes makes a significant and immediate impact with no downside.



Silent running

No more noisy diesel generators running all day, every day. The Cranepower UPS is silent, improving your work environment and your public relations.

Easy access

Because it can be placed anywhere and moved easily, access to check or service a Cranepower UPS is a breeze.

No toxic fumes

Diesel fumes are likely to be carcinogenic - and they certainly smell toxic. Thanks to Cranepower UPS, that’s no longer a problem.

Safe and secure

Thanks to its reduced footprint, a Cranepower UPS can sit securely and safely within the crane housing envelope, impeding vandalism and freeing up space on your site.

Serious space-saver

A Cranepower UPS is just 1.2m² - that’s not a typo - compared to the 6m²+* taken up by the average traditional diesel generator.

Continuously powered logos

Light up the skyline with your logo, maintain 24-7 power with no noise impact to the surrounding neighbourhood.

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